Blogs and Websites

A collection of my favorite pages. (For writers and creative entrepreneurs)

TerribleMinds: Chuck Wendig: Laugh your way through editing.

Justine Musk : When you need some badass advice.

Altucher Confidential : My go-to when I need some clarity.

The Braid Creative Blog : When I could use a little direction on a project.

99U: Insights on Making Ideas Happen : A mecca for creatives.

Gala Darling: The Radical Self Love Project : For those days when I’m feeling blue and need some sparkles.

Milk The Pigeon: A Memento For All Those Lost 20 Somethings : I think the title says it all.

Rebels With a Cause: A Playbook For Doing What You Damn Well Please : For when you haven’t yet given yourself permission to be the artist you really are.