• I can’t tell you if you’ve come to the right place.

    But if you are, you’ll know.

  • You’ll know it if…

    Home is the land of your imagination.

  • You’ll know it if…

    you’ve ever felt that some things transcend comprehension.

  • You’ll know it if…

    You’ve never stopped asking the big questions

    …and probably never will.

  • You’ll know it if…

    You’ve always felt like you’re in the world, but watching it.

    Studying it.


If only others could understand.

That's really all you've ever wanted:

To be understood.


My mission is simple: bring more depth, clarity, and imagination to life. 

The medium is of little importance. But the scale is large.

Official Bio

 Madelin Adena Smith graduated from Barnard College with a B.A. in Comparative Literature. She then went on to NYU and obtained a Certificate in Coaching. At the age of 24 she completed her first novel, CUNT-SPEAR-HUSSY THEORIES, narrated by an imaginative 6-year-old boy who misinterprets his father’s mental illness.  She recently began her second work of fiction, the beginning of a 5-book series about an orphan taken in by an astrologer, which she so happens to play in real life.

Madelin’s writing is a fusion of her artistic passions and psychological interests and she is known for addressing serious, highly-charged topics with wit, comedy, and a touch of magic.  A deep humanitarian, she views each new work as an opportunity for advocacy and chooses taboo subjects and marginalized characters to bring more awareness and empathy to their real-life equivalents. Accordingly, she serves as the Board Secretary of the non-profit organization The Quad Preparatory School.

Occasional model, she is the face of Stazia Loren and, bound by no law that says one has to choose one path or profession, she also works as an editorial makeup artist.

The beautiful, the collective, and the symbolic–this is what she lives for.

Originally from Virginia, she has lived in France, Switzerland, and South Africa and now resides in New York.

But home is the land of her imagination.